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Attack of the Bloggers,

While the Democrats can attempt to capitalize on a wave of voter discontent for this election cycle, an initial infatuation with the Dems will pass quickly, once voters realize that this is still the same party that brought us sky-high interest rates, federal binge spending, the replacement of prayer in school with the gospel of gay pride, and endless womanizing in the Oval Office.
In fact, twenty years down the line, I wouldn’t be surprised if our much-maligned President George W. Bush is regarded as one of our finest Presidents. Why? Because—when we faced an unprecedented attack on domestic soil on 9/11, the President responded with courage, strength and, yes, even restraint. He showed himself to be a voice of reason in an age dominated by those who would rather cow-tow to international thugs than to offend the ACLU.


2 thoughts on “More Wingnuttery

  1. You can’t ignore the fact that you bloggers are gaining substantial influence over the Democratic Party. The candidates that are lining up for the primary are reflecting your views. If liberal bloggers represent a majority of the people, this won’t be a problem for the Democrats. If, on the other hand they do not, then this will lead to Democrat’s defeat at the polls.
    The opinion piece is clear and concise on this point. I see nothing nutty about it.
    You’ve cast the die, your party is following your lead. May the best ideas win. We’ll see you at the polls.

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