More Voting Machines

Rebecca Mercuri writes,

Security expert Peter Neumann and I were interviewed recently by NPR about voting technology. The segment is supposed to air on Monday in the “Morning Edition” show. This is a multi-segment show that is repeated in some listening areas. For times, check your local

NPR listings, sorry we don’t know which segment we will be in, or even if the segment will air on Monday for sure, but thought the “heads-up” notice would be appropriate. The segment will be on the NPR website after it airs, so you can hear it there if you miss the broadcast.

For those interested in elections who have not yet seen David Dill’s excellent website about voter-verified audit trails and the recent hearings in Santa Clara County, do check it out at:

I have also added this website to my collection of voting machine-issue websites. The website contains this good news: Friday, February 6, 2003. Very good news California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley announced that he will be forming a task force of experts to study this issue! Perhaps there will be a statewide solution.