More "Under the Radar" Bush Lies

A friend wrote to me about the Kerry campaign’s response to something he is hearing. He was reading something from a guy and:

“He claimed that his accountant told him that it was well-known that Kerry was planning to tax rich people, but he defined rich people as anyone making more than $40,000!

This is important. This is what’s being stated EVERWHERE. THAT is what I wanted to find a rebuttal to on Kerry’s site. Couldn’t find it. More important, couldn’t find an issue tab called TAXES. It is crucial to be absolutely STRAIGHTFORWARD about these issues. If Kerry is going to be afraid that he’ll be Walter Mondale, then he WILL BE Walter Mondale.

So what I get from this is:

1) I wonder if the Kerry campaign KNOWS that the Bush people are circulating “under the radar” the lie that Kerry is talking about people making more then $40,000 when he talks about tax cuts on “the rich.” (This corresponds exactly to what I hear on right-wing radio, by the way.)

2) The Kerry campaign should have their finger on this stuff, and have places on their website with information that refutes what the Right is claiming. They don’t.


“I’m saying a little more. I’m saying what you just said. But also I suspect that they don’t already have an issues tab called TAXES because they are consciously or unconsciously afraid to even say the word. You and I know that Repugs win on two issues: (alleged) low taxes and keeping the you-know-who down. If you want to beat them you have to say as clearly as you possibly can that you know this and that you are on to them and here’s what is good for the country and here’s what you’re going to do. Be proud of it.

That’s the deeper observation, but superficially, yeah, the web site needs to be much more DIRECTLY responsive to the repugs. And that cannot be done with NEWS sections or ANSWERING THEM sections. It needs to be done with top-level, ISSUES tabs. Right at the top of the site. The tabs I want are there, but they are not AGGRO enough.”