More Turd Blossom Droppings

During the hubub over Bush’s reactionary activist nominee to the Supreme Court, we shouldn’t forget about America’s favorite traitor. Hat tip to Stubborn Liberal for the best title du jour and a fine collection of turd blossom droppings.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that the CIA referred a criminal complaint to the Justice Department because one of their NOC agents had been ratted out. No matter how much the Turd Blossom Dittoheads complain, treason is the only explanation for Fitzgerald’s investigation.
The only question is how many and who.

1 thought on “More Turd Blossom Droppings

  1. How many? How about the whole fucking administration and all of the fucking idiots who still support them. Who? Let’s start with the head idiot, yeah, W.

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