More Thoughts About Forgery

What we have available to look at when trying to decide about those Bush service records documents is copies of copies. The original of at least one of these probably doesn’t exist any more because it sounds like it was sent to Bush. There was no reason at that time for Bush to keep it forever. Nobody knew he would eventually be president. Not to worry; an “original copy” made in the 70s would have its own characteristics that would be easy to pin down. I won’t go into details. Why give lessons to forgers on how to fake them? But photocopy technology has advanced so rapidly since the 70s that every aspect has changed, the equipment itself, the paper used, and the inks, so making a successful forgery would require doing a scientific study first. It would be virtually impossible to find the right materials now. Nobody clung to samples of office supplies manufactured in the 70s. The terrible quality of the copies speaks for their originality. The way the materials have aged would settle the matter.

The memos sound like the kind of thing one writes to oneself for future reference, to keep a record when one finds oneself in a dubious position. The originals of these probably got filed and are probably in an archive somewhere. Even if those memos were sent to someone else, the originals would still be in the files where they were sent. Even if only copies survive, the fact that they are early copies could be determined. If a forger created “originals” and then made copies to give to CBS using modern technology, thinking that this would hide the fact that these were forgeries, he outsmarted himself.

Forgers are always damned clever. No forger would have used a font that didn’t exist for the technology he was imitating, and jumping on the fact that the font is New Times Roman to “prove” these are Word documents is silly. New Times Roman has been around since 1931. Any self-respecting forger using a word processor would have used a font that wouldn’t cause comment. That in itself speaks for the documents being original. I still don’t think there’s a chance in Hell these documents are forged.