19 thoughts on “MORE Than One Beer?

  1. Cheney must be taking so many medications anyway that he’s probably in a serious fog even after one beer. Or without any. It’s obviously time for him to give up hunting.

  2. Dude. It’s. over.
    The police cleared Cheney.
    The guy Cheney shot cleared Cheney.
    Cheney did the upstanding thing and admitted to it.
    It. Is. Over.
    Get some help for your Bush/CHeney-Derangement Syndrome.

  3. Over? Over??? This story isn’t over until Tim Russert says it is. Besides, we haven’t even DNA tested Mrs. Willeford’s hunting jodhpurs, yet…
    On a more serious note, you’ve got to love the way Cheney and Brit Hume teamed up to lay the groundwork for Dick’s CIA leak defense.

  4. Anonymous,
    Someone Died at Chappaquiddick, and Teddy Kennedy used his connections to get off what was clearly Manslaughter.

  5. Bullbiscuits, Pericles. If it were you or me who had such an “accident” and had *cough* “one beer”, we’d still be cooling our heels in the lock-up.
    However, when you’re a celebrity or a politician, different rules apply. Even if you are grossly negligent and and irresponsible with a firearm and your friend’s life.

  6. [Someone Died at Chappaquiddick, and Teddy Kennedy used his connections to get off what was clearly Manslaughter.]
    Not for lack of trying on Cheney’s part.

  7. Pericles,
    All that you say about Kennedy may be correct. What does it have to do with Cheney? Are you saying that was wrong and therefore Cheney hiding stuff from the press is OK?
    Do you kn ow how much press coverage there was of Chappaquiddick? (Ask your parents.) It was the only story in the press for weeks. And it was extremely critical.

  8. Well, I did not bring up CHappaquiddick, I was responding. But, since Cheney has been cleared by the cops and by his friend and fellow party member who he shot, this is over.

    Oh, and Cheney did tell the press, the local press. But that is a red herring, the VP is under no legal responsibility to inform the press; he was responsible to let the authorities know and he did that.
    This is really much ado about nothing.

  9. Vice President of the United States (who was thrown out of college for drinking and has multiple DUI’s in his past) drinks while on multiple meds and shoots someone in the face. The public isn’t told for a day. The sherrif isn’t allowed to talk to him. Surrogates are sent out to blame the victim.
    Great crowd you hang with, dude.

  10. The best part of it is that we got to pay for the whole damn thing. All this happened on our dollars.
    The Secret Service, transportation, Physicians, doctors,the Ambassadress, even Dick Cheney’s meds. We paid for the whole damn thing.

  11. The suspicious thing for me is the post-shooting cocktail. A reasonable person would ASSUME there would be a routine investigation following a shooting. Having a drink, and risking appearing drunk in front of the Sheriff, would seem stupid in the extreme. Sadly, “no, officer, I had a drink afterwards” is an excuse that is heard all too frequently.

  12. The suspicious thing for me is the post-shooting cocktail.

    Let’s see, you just shot your long time friend and political ally in the face. Watching your friend lay there, bloodied, and either screaming or unconscious, you don’t know whether he is going to live or not or if (if he is unconcious) he is alive or not. You rush him to the ER and even they don’t know if he will survive. You go back to where you are staying with your friend’s blood on your shirt, shaking and rambling, you can’t think straight. So your host, knowing your very shaken state, advises you to go to sleep and to help you with that she pours you a scotch; and the very last thing she wants in your state is you talking to people.
    That’s what happened people: an accident, a emotionally distraught VP, and a scotch to help him sleep.
    God you guys are assholes.

  13. Except that he didn’t GO to the ER with his friend. And after the cocktail he went to a dinner party, not to bed. AND the White House tried to make it all a joke AND tried to blame the victim, so I don’t go with the sympathy for the drunk guy here.
    The entire story that was put out by Armstrong (after a conversation with Rove) was all about how Cheney wasn’t drunk – no drinks at lunch (turned out he had at least one) had a cocktail after he got back – plus keeping the sherriff away from Cheney long enough for his system to clear — sure is suspicious.
    By the way, without an apology for h=calling people here assholes you will be banned.

  14. The FIRST thing you do Pericles is go out there and talk.There is nothing to hide.I was there, I did this awful dumb thing…I’m sorry.I’ll tell the story.Ill meet the critisism head on and I will tell my story befor anyone else gets to tell my story befor me.That simple.I’ll be it.For better or worse.The story doesn’t get to simmer and stew for over 24 hrs. with everone else throwing in their two cents.If there is no story.
    At any rate if it were me,I would be the first to tell my own story.Lest anyone else should try to tell it for me.That’s pretty basic.

  15. He was probably afraid somebody would ask if anyone had been drinking or where Lynne Cheney and Mr. Willeford were or who was picking up the tab for the cozy little hunting trip gone awry.

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