More Scary

Here’s some more about that scary agency.

Shadow of the Hegemon (the links aren’t working right, so scroll down to the one that starts with, “I’m not sure if it’s because the site popped…”), commenting on a Thinking it Through piece, comparing McCarthyism with what’s going on today,

“The key, I suppose, is where small “l” libertarians will come down on this if this becomes a hallmark of the Republican party. While I’m sure they like those Republican tax cuts, the prospect of an agency whose members are politically appointed, socially conservative and damned near omniscient has got to be somewhat alarming.”

THAT’S what is bothering me so much about this new agency – it will be managed by political appointees who are loyal to The Party, not the country. And the new rules allow The Party to bypass civil service rules and purge non-loyal Party members.

Doesn’t anyone else out there remember Nixon? Do you remember wondering if you were being wiretapped because you opposed Nixon? Wondering if the FBI was going to break into your house? They were using the power of government to go after their political opposition.

It isn’t just paranoia to think that Republicans do things like this – it’s memory.