More Ranting

I wrote earlier about a “BILLIONS of dollars spent by small cadre of ideologues.”

Here’s what I’m saying. You open your newspaper and see an op-ed piece, and it’s by a “scholar” from some “institute” somewhere, maybe the Hoover Institute. Then you read a column on the same page by maybe George Will or Mona Charen that says something similar about the same subject. Then you open a magazine and there’s an article that uses the Heritage Foundation as a source. Later you watch Fox TV and see a couple of guys, one from Americans for Tax Reform and another from the Center for Security Policy. Then you change the channel and a speaker from Capital Research Center is talking. You turn on the radio and it’s Sean Hannity or Rush and they’re quoting from a report from Southwest Legal Foundation or Free Enterprise Partnership. You see that Congressman Delay is speaking. You buy a book published by Regenry Publishing, by a scholar from the Manhattan Institute. You get on the web and check the Drudge Report and there’s a story on the UPI wire service saying the same things. All of them saying something similar on the same subject.

So maybe you think you’ve just heard opinions from 10 or 13 different sources. Sounds like there are a lot of experts who are in agreement that something is a certain way. And after enough of this it is very hard to think that things are a different way, since so many experts from so many different directions have this opinion.

Maybe they’re saying, “Social Security is going broke,” or “public schools are failing.” These are things that have become “conventional wisdom” because everyone has heard these things over and over from so many sources over so many years that everyone KNOWS they’re true.

Guess what. You have just heard from Richard Mellon Scaife, maybe the Bradley Foundation and maybe one or two others. That’s all. (Look them up here.) You DIDN’T hear a number of different “voices” – you heard a lot of voices all paid to say the same thing in creatively different ways, and with tons of cash put into making them seem like credible experts.