3 thoughts on “More Racist Republicans

  1. Few weeks ago one republican head posted message on public opnion considering US soldiers in Iraq. He defamed one man who criticized american soldiers for their participation in intervention in Iraq. I said that since american soldiers has right not to partcipate in this intervention and choosed to kill people anyway so this step reflects his moral and his attitude to this war. Consequently, one have right to critisize soldiers if it contradicts with his (her) opinion. Finally, if they respect democrasy then they should respect right to live other people have. Shortly speaking, this republican head gave following asnwer – “as question is concerned american soldiers then this is not topic for considering rights of other people”.
    This is really idiotically, when american republicans say that they war for democracy and liberty in the middle east by means of infringement of these rights of people to whom they supposedly should bring these rights. This is real face of amertican republicanism as I understand. It is no wonder then half of the world hate USA after that.

  2. Part of the anti-abortion subtext is the lack of adoptable white babies that these unable-to-reproduce white folks want to take home and raise as their very own.
    Can’t do that when there is a great lack of them. Amazing that John Roberts managed to get a pair of little blondes, isn’t it?

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