More Purchased Right-Wing Columnists

This time it’s part of the Abramoff scandal. Op-Eds for Sale,

A senior fellow at the Cato Institute resigned from the libertarian think tank on Dec. 15 after admitting that he had accepted payments from indicted Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff for writing op-ed articles favorable to the positions of some of Abramoff’s clients.
[. . .] Peter Ferrara, a senior policy adviser at the conservative Institute for Policy Innovation, says he, too, took money from Abramoff to write op-ed pieces boosting the lobbyist’s clients. “I do that all the time,” Ferrara says. “I’ve done that in the past, and I’ll do it in the future.”

This brings the Abramoff scandal one step closer to where it is heading – its tie to the funding of the Right’s network of organizations that support the Republican Party. Bribes come in to pay for contracts, tax breaks, etc. Some of the taxpayer money that goes out as tax breaks, contracts, etc. is then kicked back into the political process to keep the Republicans in power. Bribes in, taxpayer dollars out, money to buy op-eds, TV ads, etc. Absolute corruption, absolute power.

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  1. The article in BusinessWeek that started this whole thing, upon which all subsequent articles and Paul Krugman’s commentary are based, omitted important statements and resulted in a complete misrepresentation. All subsequent who have written on this topic are guilty of passing on misrepresentation without bothering to fact-check. You can view IPI’s and Ferrara’s statements at

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