More Parents Speak At Bush

Parents of Fallen Marine Make Plea to Bush – New York Times

The day after burying their son, parents of a fallen Marine urged President Bush to either send more reinforcements to Iraq or withdraw U.S. troops altogether.
[. . .] ‘Our comments are not just those of grieving parents,” Paul Schroeder said in front of the couple’s home. ”They are based on anger, Mr. President, not grief. Anger is an honest emotion when someone’s family has been violated.”
Palmer accused the president of refusing to make changes in a war gone bad. ”Whether he leads them out by putting more troops on the ground or pulling them out — he can’t just let it continue,” she said.
[. . .] The couple applauded Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a fallen soldier who has camped out in protest near Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, for bringing the war to the public’s attention.
”We consider her the Rosa Parks of the new movement opposing the Iraq war,” Palmer said.

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