More on "Who is Bandar Bush?"

I’ll be continually updating my Kerry Smear and Who is Bandar Bush? files from here on. Here are some recent samples from the latter:

From the March, 2004 Harpers:

“Since September 2001, the administration has designated hundreds of individuals and organizations, including several Islamic charities, as terrorists or sponsors of terrorism and frozen their assets. Yet Saudi organizations and individuals have emerged relatively unscathed…. And although in January the Treasury Department designated several branches of the Saudi charity al-Haramain, U.S. officials declined to freeze the assets of the group’s dozens of other offices worldwide, including the one in Riyadh…..”

From the Sept 11, 2003 Time Magazine:

“U.S. investigators, he says, sometimes suspect that the Saudis are fishing, trying to ferret out details of U.S. intelligence, or stalling, to protect Saudi individuals from embarrassment. One of the Administration’s top counterterrorism officials says the Saudis still appear to be protecting charities associated with the royal family and its friends…..

…..Indeed, when President Bush spoke to Abdullah for 20 minutes by phone last week [fall 2003], say U.S. and Saudi sources, he went out of his way to compliment the Prince on Saudi Arabia’s efforts to combat terrorism.”

There’s more.