More On Where Your Job Is Going

Zeitgeist: Backlash? You bet.

What exactly will it be that America does when the IT industry is destroyed?

  • Almost all of our light manufacturing fled this country in the 70s and 80s.
  • The US is clearly not a dominant manufacturer of automobiles anywhere except in America (and that’s slipping fast).
  • We don’t have a viable steel or metals Industry any more.
  • The vast majority of electronics in the world is built (and designed!) overseas

    And now, with the implosion of the IT market thanks to a bunch of very clever, self-serving, short-sighted and fatally unpatriotic so-called “American” companies, the last of what could be described as America’s home-grown talents is going away.
  • He has a great quote from Neal Stephenson’s great book, Snow Crash.

    And you know what I always ask: “Who is our economy FOR?” It’s a good question to repeat to others.