More on the astonishing Harvard blogging conference

It turns out that Zephyr Teachout’s high-minded accusations against Kos and Jerome Armstrong were in some way connected to the astonishing, nearly-blogger-free blogging conference at Harvard which I dissed last week. She was one of the very few bloggers invited, even though her blog is barely a week old.

So anyway, I left a message at their site which I thought I’d share (slightly edited):

Jesus. I dissed your astonishing conference already a week ago (“Screw Credibility” at “Seeing the Forest”), and it turns out that I didn’t diss it ENOUGH.

What a clown show.

I have an idea, though. Why don’t you get Bill O’Reilly, Bob Novak, Instapundit, and High Hewitt to weigh in on blogging ethics?

Oh, wait – it’s already been done. Well, how about William Safire, George Will, and Judith Miller? Or maybe Richard Mellon Scaife and the Rev. “Jesus’ Big Brother” Moon.

Because you know, our legit media have ethics the way stray dogs have fleas. You can’t even stand close to one of those guys without risking an infestation of ethics.