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White House Chief of Staff comments on Karl Rove saying that the “motive” of liberals is they want American troops to die. Here

Andy Card just said this on CNN:
“Karl Rove’s speech was a speech that I think reflected some of the rhetoric that a lot of people feel.”

Karl Rove and Andrew Card are not Republican Party officials, they are government officials. When they speak, they speak for the President and the government of the United States. This is the government of the United States telling people that liberals want American troops to die.

Remember the STF Rule: When right-wingers make accusations, you need to look at whether it is just a cover for something THEY are really doing. Here they are accusing Democrats of wanting to kill American troops. But who sent those troops to Iraq?

4 thoughts on “More On Rove

  1. So, Rove may have a point..
    Right-wing conservatives responded to 9-11 by attacking liberals, whereas the liberals responded by……….being attacked by conservatives.
    some difference eh?

  2. It’s almost like Rove is giving a free lesson on how it’s done. Apologize? Fuck you! I’ll just say it again!
    And note carefully how many repug big-city mayors are condemning Rove.

  3. In the last few weeks, starting with Howard Dean, then to Durbin and now to Rove, we have seen complete and unambiguous illustrations of the right wing control over the press/media and the political discourse.
    What we have also seen is that the Democratic Party, as an entity and as a collection of putative leaders, is still a blue mile away from anything like an effective response.
    The left blogosphere has been alert, on message and relentless. It hasn’t done a thing to change the flow or the intensity.
    To the great mass of Americans who only pay partial attention to any of this, Republicans are strong, united and effective. Democrats are weak, in constant disarray and America is safer with the Republicans in charge.
    I would start circulating questions to anyone who has ambitions for the 2008 nomination:
    1) What have you done to counter the right wing press/media machine?
    2) What are you going to do, now, today, to fight it?
    3) What do you expect the Democratic rank and file to do when Democratic ‘leaders’ don’t stand up for themselves, or for the truth?
    I would tell each person with White House dreams to answer those questions in writing, and I would let them know that non-answers are going to be deemed unacceptable answers.
    Then I would find the handful who are willing to fight and I would start funnelling all donations to those persons.
    We really don’t have anything else to work with. Letters to the editors, calls to CNN, this will accomplish nothing. We need to light a fire under our own so-called leaders or invite them to step aside.

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