More On Jewish Family Forced to Flee

Monday, in Prayer In Schools I echoed a story about a Jewish family forced to flee a Delaware school district.
The blogosphere is starting to pick this up. This Kos diary has a good summary of some of the activity. Crooks and Liars is on it. Jesus’ General, Dispatches from Mike thethe Culture Wars, Talk to Action (and here), Bartholomew’s notes on religion, Lawyers Guns and Money, The Green Knight, Mike the Mad Biologist, Pharyngula, Angry Astronomer, The Republic of T.

1 thought on “More On Jewish Family Forced to Flee

  1. The fact that there are still religious bigots
    and proselytizers in the U.S. today, makes
    me ever so glad that there is an Israel.
    As for religious expression, I am all for it.
    But, not in a way that makes others feel uncomfortable, expecially Jews. Nevertherless,
    as an Orthodox Jew, I prefer strong (Orthodox)
    religious values to ATHEISM, AGNOSTICISM,
    EXTREME LIBERALISM, and CULTISM. But note that
    is MY preference and while I wish all Jews were
    Orthodox and as out in the open about their
    Judaism, I accept that there is diversity of
    opinion. Any Jew who thinks they can hide behind
    the mask of a Gentile-like exterior, is forgetful of Nazi Germany and thousands of years of persecution.
    Regards Moishe.

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