More on Americans missing in the tsunami

Some trolling Rethuglicans jumped on me for my cynicism about Administration motives in not preparing the American people for traumatic casualty counts in the tsunami. Get a life, one advised. I’d be curious as to how such folks would have reacted to the suggestion, Get a life, after 9-11.

Well, Powell, one of the few grown-ups in the Administration, has touched this political hot potato.

“The number of private citizens or citizens unaccounted for still lingers around 4-5000,” he said, adding the figure was based on phone calls from relatives or friends inquiring about their whereabouts.

Mr Powell said this did not mean they were necessarily casualties in the catastrophe.

But he added: “We can’t ignore the very distinct possibility that there are Americans within this number who have lost their lives. We just don’t know that”.

Recall there has only been one missing victim recovered alive in the last 24 hours.