More Military Purging of Liberals

Soldier Might Face Court Martial For Radio Comments:

According to the Illinois Leader, a National Guard soldier based in Rockford, IL, who blasted President Bush on a local radio talk show Friday, may face court martial for her public comments.

The husband of Sergeant Jessica Macek, who returned from leave back to Kuwait on Saturday, told WNTA Talk host Chris Bowman that his wife says she may face a court martial for comments she made Friday. Rockford correspondent David Hale heard Macek’s comments on the Friday morning show. According to Hale, Macek said the President lied about the reasons America military was in Iraq.

But on the air Monday, Bowman argued that Hale’s reporting was inaccurate and biased, saying the story was published on an “ultra-conservative” news source.

When asked by the Illinois Leader’s Managing Editor what Bowman considered inaccurate in Hale’s story, Bowman said, “I don’t believe [Macek] said `liar,’ I think she may have used the words `less than truthful,’ but I don’t recall her saying the President was a liar.”