More Mike Gravel – “Left-Wing Fringe”

I came across this New York Magazine interview with Mike Gravel, and it is one more example of why mainstream, grassroots people are turning away from the “traditional” media. Many are turning to blogs.
We Do Not Understand What the Hell Mike Gravel Is Talking About – New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer,

The star of last week’s Democratic presidential debate was a fringe contender Mike Gravel, 77, a former Alaska senator, who became a blogosphere sensation for saying that it should be a felony for Dubya & Co. to stay in Iraq.

OK, let’s take this step by step. Why is the word “fringe” in there? Next, that is not what the guy said. He said the following,

We need to find another way. I really would like to sit down with Pelosi and with Reid, and I would hope the other senators would focus on, how do you get out? You pass the law, not a resolution, a law making it a felony to stay there. And I’ll give you the text of it.
And if you’re worried about filibuster, here’s what you do tactically. They can pass it in the House. We’ve got the votes there.
We’ve got the votes there.
In the Senate, let them filibuster it. And let Reid call up every — at 12:00 every day to have a cloture vote. And let the American people see clearly who’s keeping the war going and who’s not.

And then, of course, is the nasty ending:

Do you think Dennis Kucinich is angry you’re stealing his thunder as the left-wing fringe candidate?
Stop that. I’m not the far-left fringe candidate, and please don’t write that. We’ve had somewhat of a testy conversation in this interview, and now we’ve got to end this.

“Left-wing fringe” Right.
So there’s a Neiman Macrus ad and a Delta Airlines ad on the page. Their media kit says they have 90,000 unique visitors per day. (yeah, right.) Their rate card says there is a $20,000 minimum to run an ad there. The Neiman Marcus ad has a $40 CPM which means they pay $3600 each day so those supposed 90,000 unique visitors can hear about how Americans who oppose the Iraq war are the “left-wing fringe”.
I don’t charge nearly as much for an ad, and I don’t insult readers. Except certain ones. You know who you are.