More Fuming

(Referring to the piece below this one)

What get’s me is that Mona Charen knows that the NEA didn’t do what she’s writing. She is lying, and knows it, and is getting paid well to repeat these lies because the end result is people believing bad things about the NEA, and “liberals.” And all the others participating in this lie, like George Will and Ollie North and Rush Limbaugh and all the rest of this crowd. It is a lie. They know it is a lie. They are repeating it because focus groups have shown that this particular lie will stir up the public in certain lasting ways, and if they keep circulating lies like this the public becomes more inclined to vote Republicans into power so they can give big tax breaks and defense contracts to their cronies. And, of course, pay Mona Caren and the rest of them lots of money.

We know how this works. (Read “Blinded By the Right.” This is from the guy that started the whole “Clinton Scandals” lie. He talks about how they do it, how much they’re paid, and the people doing it. People like Ted Olson, rewarded by Bush with the job of Solicitor General of the United States.) We know that they circulate lies to achieve their political goals. But the editor of the San Jose Mercury News has a RESPONSIBILITY to know, too! And a RESPONSIBILITY to look at a piece of trash like this column and say, “This is just a lie and I will not print it in my paper.” And “responsible” columnists like David Broder have a responsibility to the public to alert them to this kind of lie, this kind of calculated smear.

Just a couple of weeks ago we all watched ANOTHER calculated smear spread through the media. This was the one about Gore and the Springsteen tickets. It was just another made-up lie. But it was repeated. Back then I wrote about the old “Clinton haircut” smear, how that was spread. These are just lies, character assassination, and the way it works is the Republicans make up lies and spread them and when one lie dies down they make up a new lie and spread that one.

How long can this character assassination/lie machine go on before enough of us are telling the rest of us what it is, making it ineffective? It worked on Carter and got Reagan elected. It kept Clinton from accomplishing very much. It got Bush elected. It threatens to take us into perpetual war now.