More Forgery Story (Trees)

From this story (scroll down):

“The hot rumor in New York political circles has Roger Stone, the longtime GOP activist, as the source for Dan Rather’s dubious Texas Air National Guard ‘memos.’

The irony would be delicious, since Rather became famous confronting President Nixon, in whose service a very young Stone became associated with political ‘dirty tricks.’

Reached at his Florida home, Stone had no comment. “

The forgery story is a tree. It is a disctaction. See the forest, the bigger picture. The press was closing in on the big question, and someone shouted “look over there.” Let’s look back at the big picture now: WHY DID BUSH STOP FLYING?

Do any of you fly, or know any pilots? Ask ANY pilot if they can understand why a young man would stop flying fighter jets if they didn[‘t absolutely have to. And not only that, why would someone refuse to take a flight physical and stop reporting for Guard drills? MOST of us would face serious consequences for such behaviour. (Of course, most of us would face serious consequences for selling shares of a company when we knew they are about to report a loss. Or for running up a massive deficit. Or for launching a war against a country that did us no harm and was no threat to us, when we were already in the middle of another war.)