More Blatant Republican Racism

A black man is running for Senator in Tennessee. How does the Republican Party campaign? With blatant racism, what else? Basketball, white women, portraying him as a pimp… There’s probably something about driving a Cadillac, but I got sick of looking at the site.
Republicans are so scared of black people. And “Fancy?” Is it a homophobic slur?
Jesse Berney has more. So does MyDD. Steve Gilliard saw this, too… (later additions) TMP finds the word I was looking for, “Uppity,” adding “If I had the volume on on my computer I’d actually be surprised if they didn’t have the Shaft soundtrack playing in the background.” Pam’s House Blend, “There’s nothing like creating visions of the uppity, horny Negro who lusts after white women, living the high life and not knowing his place.”
Update – Confederate Yankee doesn’t see it. Maybe the “Confederate” in him is blocking his vision.
Update – The other side hits back!

10 thoughts on “More Blatant Republican Racism

  1. Fancy Lies

    Certain liberal bloggers are all atwitter over the “racism” displayed in a web site put forth by the National Republican Senatorial Committee called that targets Tennessee Democrat Harold Ford, Jr. Jesse Berney runs the screamer, Elizabet…

  2. How is simply pointing out Ford’s activity racist? It seems to me that Seeing the Forest is playing the race card, not
    From the website:
    Shop like Ford: If you’re a host of one his receptions, expect to receive a fancy thank you. In 2005, Ford spent more than $8,900 on gifts for reception hosts at such fancy outlets as Alfred Dunhill, Davidoff of Geneva, and Thomas Pink ( Federal Election Commission Website,, Accessed February 21, 2006). For those of us not quite living the life of Reilly, Davidoff was named “Most Exclusive Brand” of cigars in the last 30 years
    Relax like Ford: So where is a fancy Congressman to stay while he’s touring the country’s party scene? Only at the most exclusive hotels and resorts, of course. He once spent almost $20,000 in less than one month at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles (Editorial, “A Little Help For A Friend,” The Commercial Appeal, September 8, 2005), and in 2005 spent over $32,000 at such destinations as TheSt. Regis Club at The Essex House in New York, the Four Seasons in Los Angeles, the Periwinkle in Nantucket, Massachusetts, and the Ponte Verde Club & Hotel in Florida. (Federal Election Commission Website,, Accessed February 21, 2006)
    Dine like Ford: Fancy Harold Ford appreciates fine dining. His campaign spending report includes expenditures at some of Washington D.C.’s most exclusive-and expensive-dining establishments including The Capital Grille, The Caucus Room, and Signatures (Federal Election Commission Website,, Accessed February 21, 2006).And just in case he gets hungry while working, he can spend his campaign cash at the U.S. House Members’ Dining Room, where he spent $3,100 in 60 visits in 2005. (Federal Election Commission Website,, Accessed February 21, 2006)

  3. NRSC website assails ‘Fancy Ford’
    Wednesday, March 08, 2006
    The Hill
    Rep. Harold Ford (D-Tenn. ) is taking flak for attending a Playboy Super Bowl party and spending thousands of campaign dollars on flowers and “lavish hotel stays. ”
    A website being launched by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) repeatedly refers to the fifth-term congressman, running for the seat being vacated by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn. ), as “Fancy Ford” and includes pictures of expensive restaurants, hotel facilities, cigars, tulips and Playboy bunnies.
    “It makes you wonder … what would the folks back in Tennessee think? ” the site asks.

  4. The racism on that site is sickening, playing off those old stereotypes of the African America fondness for grape covered scallops and that old ghetto-trope bout the black man loving cigars and pedicures.
    I’m saddened that these hurtful, age-old racial myths persist in 2006.

  5. Perhaps if you were more familiar with “The Ford Family” political corruption legacy in this state you would understand the basis for this content. I’ll have to agree, it is you who are playing the race card. I would have a hard time supporting a Ford regardless of the opposition due to the history, nay the culture, of corruption from the Fords.

  6. ‘Fancy’ is also archaic slang for ‘Pimp’. This is simple racism playing on many levels. And the further you go into that site the more racist it gets…

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