Moore — Hatriotism not Patriotism (Greens read)

Michael Moore was held up, so they had the entire second hour session, and then Moore finally arrived. He gave a very different kind of talk. I wouldn’t call it a speech, more like someone talking about something in the news. Anyway, it was extremely, extremely powerful, and moving, PERSUASIVE, heartfelt, profound… This talk has to find its way online and if I learn about it I’ll post where to find it. This talk is SO good, that if enough people see it, it could really change minds.

Christian Crumlish of The Power Of Many said it was the best political speech he has ever heard. I don’t agree, partly because I don’t consider it a political speech, partly because the guy was talking an hour after Howard Dean and the day after The Big Dog’s great, great speech and partly because I have seen Jesse Jackson speak live.

More described people coming out of theaters saying “How come I never saw that on the news?” ASking why they didn;’t know about these things — things that are not disputable, because they had just seen films of them, like the Black members of Congress being shut out of the Senate, one by one, asking for redress of what happened to Black voters in Florida.

He said, “I haven’t seen the mothers of dead soldiers on the news.”

He said the problem was the press, they were cheerleaders for the war.

Standing ovation, hollering, as he says to the press, (almost quoting) We, the people, we need you. Start asking questions. Ask questions about the war. It’s not un-American, it’s PRO-American to ask the questions. It’s patriotic.

He talked about how, after the war started, anyone criticizing the war felt obligated to throw in, “But I support the troops.” Then, “OF COURSE WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS! The troops are the people who come from the other f the tracks – the very people being abused by the Bush administration.”The woman on my left side is crying now. I ask and she says her brother is in Iraq. The older woman on my right takes out a picture of her daughter-in-law in uniform, says she is in Baghdad and her husband, in the Guard, is going in a month.

Then Moore is talking again about the mainstream press, “You have cameras and microphones and the ability to get into paces of power and you can ask the questions AND THEY CAN’T ARREST YOU. They can’t stop you from asking the questions.”

Then later, about Republicans opposing gays. “They’re not patriots, they’re HATEriots”.

Then he talked about the Republicans holding on to power. “”They are going to fight, and they are going to smear and they are going to HATE.”

Finally, he talked about Ralph Nader and the Greens. He said Nader is a great American who has accomplished so much, that he tried to explain to Nader that the Democratic Party of 2004 is NOT the Democratic Party of 2000, (that even Al Gore of 2004 is not the Al Gore of 2000). He said, “You did a great thing. They’ve already gotten the message.”

“My appeal to the Nader voters and the Greens out there is that we have a different job to do out there now.”

He talked about taking Kerry’s daughter to a college showing of F-911, with her sitting in the back anonymously, and afterwards asking how many planned to vote for Nader. He says about half raised their hands. (Nearly quoting) After showing them so many reasons that it is important to get Bush out of office… (end near quote) He believes that she took the message back to her father:

“Dems need to give those thinking of voting for Nader a REASON to vote for the Democratic Party.”

UPDATETranscript here.