Money people unclear on the concept

Apparently Obama is talking to Hillary’s money people, and they’re not too happy with him. First of all, they want him to pay Hillary’s campaign debts. Second, they want him to make some concessions on the issues.
WTF? Money people are asking Obama for money? It’s like going in to a bank and having the banker ask for a small loan. Those guys seem to think they’re playing hardball, but I’m trying to figure out what it is that they’re threatening Obama with. Are they going to refuse to ask him for money in the future?

1 thought on “Money people unclear on the concept

  1. The Clinton’s have sold out the Democratic Party long ago and besides they’ve got over a 100 million dollars between them and they could just drop the chump change to pay off friends like Mark Penn. Bill will get another 100 million with his daughter in the Hedge Fund industry easy.

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