Monday Afternoon from Boston

This is Dave from Boston Monday afternoon. (Of course, you’ll be reading this after I finally do.)

I STILL haven’t been able to get on the Internet. I’m in the press room, and they have Ethernet outlets but I don’t have an Ethernet cable. (They also don’t have more than maybe 20 power outlets in a room with maybe 150 computer stations.) I’m typing while I wait to borrow one from Tom Burka of Opinions You Should Have. The wireless that was set up for the bloggers isn’t working well – only some can get on but I don’t even see the signal. Tom’s here in the press room for the same reason.) (By the way, Tom’s great and everyone should go read his weblog.) And to top it off my computer is starting to flake out. It is restarting all by itself while I’m typing, and when it restarts again the file system is corrupt. I can run diskcheck and then use the computer again for a while, but this isn’t a good sign at all…

So I went to a blogger breakfast, and Howard Dean showed up! He talked about innovation in campaigns and opening up campaigns to a two-way interaction, as he did. I suggested that one thing he hadn’t mentioned was that his campaign was clearly reading blogs VERY early, and letting us know, and that this put him at an advantage because they were aware of the leading edge of opinion even before those opinions became salient with a wider public.

Anyway, the convention is starting soon, and when it does I’ll stop blogging about bloggers and leave that story to all the reporters who are reporting about bloggers. (They were even filming us EATING at the blogger breakfast. One guy opened up a laptop and the film crews went NUTS.) I’ll write about the convention and I’ll be talking to as many actual delegates as I can to try to bring you a story that is “closer to home.”

Do any readers have any particular state delegations you want me to try to talk to?