Modify Filibuster

Republicans are blocking everything, Dems seem unable to do anything. Here is a really good idea for changing the rules.
Of course, the weak Dem leadership won’ want to rock the boat. They prefer “bipartisanship” with extremists over actually getting things done for the people.

3 thoughts on “Modify Filibuster

  1. I particularly agree with two of Carl Nyberg’s proposals: (1) Prevent the anonymous filibuster and (2) Force an actual filibuster. In the past, filibusters were hard work. It’s difficult to imagine Jim DeMint actually filibustering an unemployment bill instead of doing it behind everyone’s back.
    I keep hearing the argument that Democrats won’t modify the filibuster because they might want to use it in the future. But how many times did the Democrats actually filibuster anything that Little bush and President Cheney wanted? I recall zero.

  2. No wait…look the Republicans are not blocking everything. Hatch and Kerry have managed to get prayer inserted into Health Reform as a covered benefit. Bipartisan all the way.,0,6879249,full.story
    Oh just a small thing. And it demonstrates why Govt run health care will be such an abomination and disaster because politicians will now and forever tinker with health policy.
    Trust me the populist, tea party, libertarian, conservative, even tone-deaf Republican anger is brewing.
    “Maybe Messrs. Corzine and Deeds, the soon-to-be ex-governors of New Jersey and Virginia, weren’t responsible for all the ills that had befallen their states, but the people figured it’s a start. Wait till next year, they vowed, when they wreak their revenge on 535 of the real miscreants in Congress.” R Forsythe Barrons

  3. There is a vintage piece of advice that says whenever someone says “trust me,” that is the last thing you should do.
    Particularly appropriate here.

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