"Mission Accomplished" again

He’s going to fly to Iraq again for another flightsuit photo-op? Mmmm… someone tell Peggy Noonan. He’s one sexy guy who can really dish out the turkey. He just has to move that bulge down where it belongs.

But this is Halloween, not Thanksgiving — maybe an Alfred E. Newman mask might help the troops lighten up a little. Some of them are reportedly taking all this more seriously than they really should. Or he could give them all little Snickers bars.

The same old “Mission Accomplished” banner should be fine. He’ll be able to use it every year from here on out, if he gets reelected. The war against terrorism is an endless one, so you can declare victory any time you want to. Or maybe make it an annual event — every Halloween, maybe, or every April first. Peggy’s a sentimental, old-school babe, and she never gets tired of that kind of shit.