There are two posts that I would like to bring back to your attention, now that the convention is over. I think these are very important and you might have missed them.

The first is a report of a psychological study of the effect of fear of death on people’s voting choices. From the report:

“When asked to think about television, the 100 or so volunteers did not approve of Bush or his policies in Iraq. But when asked to think about Sept. 11 first and then asked about their attitudes to Bush, another 100 volunteers had very different reactions.

“They had a very strong approval of President Bush and his policy in Iraq,” Solomon said. “

Read this, and keep it in mind as you watch Bush campaign, declare terror alerts, etc. Send it to your family and friends.

The second is Michael Moore’s July 28 talk to the Campaign for America’s Future conference going on at the same time as the convention. (The transcript is here.)