Military Assisting Republican Party?

From Robert Novak, Inform Congress?

Raul Damas, associate director of political affairs at the White House, has been on the phone directly to Republican county chairmen to arrange local speeches by active duty military personnel to talk about their experiences in Iraq. To some Republican members, this unusual venture connotes a desire to go directly to the people to sell the president’s position without having to deal with members of Congress.

I’m not even going to question the legality of this, since legality doesn’t matter anymore. Just bringing it to your attention. Part of what I call the “slow coup” that is occurring.

6 thoughts on “Military Assisting Republican Party?

  1. Sickening……everything is just a prop in the Republican Party Machine…….
    Fed up…..again

  2. What is sad is that the military does is to cowardly and ethicaly deprived to stand up and say NO to an illegal order from an illegal source.
    But then again if these people had any principles at all they would have refused to particiapate in an illegal war using illegal methods.
    I guess after hostage taking, torture and murder you would want to butter up those who are going to keep yopu out of a war crimes Dock.

  3. this could be a counter to Vets for Secure America.. just launched by the dems.. in part anyways

  4. Sounds like soldiers doing this might violate the HATCH ACT. Among the laundry-list of banned activities, the HATCH ACT makes it’s illegal for Federal employees to “use official authority or influence to interfere with an election” and to “engage in political activity while on duty or wearing an official uniform”.
    Maybe BushCo thinks the Military is exempt from the HATCH ACT just as they think FISA doesn’t apply to the NSA.

  5. after reading novaks feb. 9 column i checked his comments…
    according to afew of them novaks gone over to the liberals…
    a sure sigh of the rapture or something…
    welcome aboard bob…
    now what…..

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