Military and Bird Flu

Several people have written to me, concerned about Bush’s statements about the military and bird flu in his press conference yesterday. Bush Proposes Using Military to Fight Bird Flu.
My feeling is that we should have boosted the Center for Disease Control’s budget a long time ago, instead of cut it. We should have built government-owned vaccine factories. We should have stockpiled anti-flu drugs. We should have put money into research and disease control resources and disaster planning and relief. We should have helped boost the budget of the World Health Organization. But we didn’t. We chose tax cuts and war instead.
And now we’re faced with the emergence of a disease that has the potential to infect a third of us, killing more than half of those infected. Damn right we should use the military and every other means to stop the spread of this disease should it emerge and reach our country.

2 thoughts on “Military and Bird Flu

  1. If it wasn’t the potential for avian flu, it would be something else — and probably will be. New diseases with the potential for disaster have always appeared; that’s why the CDC was established in the first place. it’s probably not just the budget of the CDC that got cut; we need to look into what may have happened to all those experts who may well have been sacked because they believe in “science” and won’t cater to Bush’s propaganda machine. If the government’s planning to depend on martial law rather than sane medical practices if there’s an epidemic, we’re in more serious trouble than we’ve ever been in our history.

  2. You know, I left a comment somewhere, maybe DKos, that I thought Bush was making up policy at the press conference. Senator Conrad was on the Ed Schultz show that same day, saying he’d never heard any such discussions. In fact he said that the discussion was about quarantining people entering the US from countries with outbreaks of bird flu, if it went person-to-person.
    I suspect Bush wasn’t paying attention at the briefing and drew his own fantasy scenario….
    Yeah, quarantine, heh heh heh. (Reaching for his toy soldiers) Just keep ’em all right where they are. Block ’em in with the soldiers. Keep the sick people away from DC, heh heh heh. Like my momma says, this is working very well for them…

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