Middle East

I’m not blogging much because I am watching news about the Middle East situation. It looks like there are elements trying to turn this into a situation with Iran.
Bush is blatantly taking sides, which destroys America’s ability to mediate Different parts of the administration ar each saying different things. Bush tells Israel to go ahead full steam ahead, Rice asks them to show restraint… Senators from both sides of the aisle are asking Bush to bring in someone who knows what they are doing.

1 thought on “Middle East

  1. And the price of oil takes another jump. That makes the stock market nervous, and it should. I thought we went into the middle-east to GET oil, not to assure that we can’t.
    Bush is deliberately provocative. He jumps on the sovereignty of other little countries, and to keep their self-respect they have to push back. He insists that Iran has no right to nuclear energy, then provides it for India. Same with N. Korea. He insists they have no right to test missiles, ships those to India, too. Both of these countries were starting to open up to the rest of the world until Bush made his “axis of evil” speech. And Israel, of course, is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons and missiles. Is the Bush agenda to keep the world permanently destabilized? Or WW III?

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