Microsoft and Technology Investment

Brad DeLong is writing about Microsoft making it appear that the Opera web browser doesn’t work correctly.

How much of the Silicon Valley slump – and the national technology slump – is the result of the Bush administration’s deal letting Microsoft off the hook from their anti-trust conviction?

You simply can not get venture money, or any other type of funding, if you are in any area where Microsoft is, or possibly could be. Of course this is having an effect!

The Bush-Microsoft deal dried up technology investment. You would have to be a fool to invest when a predatory monopoly is given government protection to operate as it pleases. Look what just happened to WebEx, after Microsoft bought PlaceWare. Palm is laying off because of Microsoft’s competition in PDAs. How soon does Microsoft take over the embedded software market – cell phones, etc.? Look how many software companies have gone out of business because of Microsoft.

The idea of the anti-trust remedy was to restore competition and innovation. Has there been a SINGLE investment in ANY company that Microsoft could compete with, since the Bush-Microsoft deal?