Michael Moore’s Speech Transcript

Here’s a transcript of Michael Moore’s speech the other day, from AlterNet.

Just awesome, but if you can actually SEE it… there was a power in the WAY he said thing, but it wasn’t like prepared remarks, it was like he was sayingwhat he was feeling at the moment. Remember what I said about the women on both sides of me crying – one with a brother in Iraq and one with a daughter-in-law there and her son in the Guard on his way over there.

To the press:

You do us no service by hopping on a band wagon, by becoming cheerleaders, by looking the other way, because you know that’s the safest way to play it if you want to keep your job. Or, you are just afraid of being accused of being un-American if you were to ask a hard question to the President or his administration. That’s not un-American. That’s pro-American! To ask the questions. That’s patriotic! But I know it was rough. I know in those first days of the war, I know. I stood on an Oscar stage five days into the war. I know what the mood was like. It was not easy to say we are being led to war for fictitious reasons. Right?

And those of you who felt the same way at the beginning of this war, you know, remember what it was like at work or at school? You had to be kind of careful. Right? And if you expressed any opposition to the war, you had to immediately say, but I support the troops! Right? But I support the troops. You didn’t need to say that. Of course you support the troops. You’ve always supported the troops. Who are the troops? The troops are those who come from the other side of the tracks. The troops are the people who come from families who have been abused by the Bush administration. You’ve always supported them. You’ve always been on their side! This no one should question that!

The way that you don’t support the troops is to send them into harm’s way when it isn’t necessary. The way that you hate the troops is when you send them off, some of them, to their death, so that your rich benefactors can line their pockets even more. The Halliburtons, the oil companies. That is anti-American. That is unpatriotic.

And read what he says about Kerry and the war. It’s important. At least now you can forward this transcript to people, so they can forward it. But I’ll make sure to post where to find it if I find out it is online. Everyone should read this, just like everyone should see 9-11.