Michael Moore says, "Elect a Green"


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Elect a Green

Sometimes when the Democrats suck, they really, really suck. And sometimes, you gotta teach ’em a lesson. And hey, it’s not like the Republicans would be overjoyed either. We can crack the two party system.


Michael then goes on to endorse Pat Gray, who is running against Tom Lantos, a conservative, pro-war Democrat in the SF Bay Area that I’ve heard people of all stripes describe as “horrid”, and Bob Kinsey, who took on Republican Marilyn Musgrave (sponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment in the House) after Colorado’s state Democratic Party organization wrote off the race as unwinnable and appeared likely to not even bother fielding a candidate!*

Moore describes these two races thusly:

“Here are some elections where the Democrats have all but surrendered to their opponents or are equally conservative, leaving you the option of voting your conscience without feeling guilty.”

Do you buy that? If not, why – and at exactly what point does this logic become valid (if ever)?

Thomas Leavitt

* Here’s a case of the Democrat’s “spoiling” a race, and “splitting” the vote… Kinsey was doing well enough that local Democratic clubs were even inviting him to speak at party events and trying to discourage the state from running a Democratic candidate. So what do they do? Convince a reluctant retread (he lost by 25,000 votes last go around) to run again.