4 thoughts on “Michael Moore Responds

  1. Damn straight! It’s about time someone pulled the covers on Tweety for aiding and abetting terrorism. If GWB wants the truth about 9/11 he should render Tweety to Khazikstan for a little TLC.

  2. Michael Moore doesn’t believe a terrorist threat exists……Nah…, 9/11 was no such ‘indicator.’
    He’s pathetic, and liberals who buy into his propaganda are truly ignorant.

  3. I wondered how it was possible that a granny could leave town for a few days and return to find Osama back in charge.
    granny is inclined to believe that Chris Matthews is responsible for this dire turn of events because Michael Moore just isn’t powerful enough to put anyone in or out of power as the result of the 2004 election in spite of the damning evidence presented in Farenheit 9/11 clearly shows.

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