Message To Campaigns

Don’t just put me on your email list. There are 435 Congressional campaigns and how many Senate campaigns? I seem to be on every one of these campaigns’ email lists without being asked. So when I get your email I go straight to the “Unsubscribe” link. And then I am annoyed and LESS inclined to write about your campaign. Also all my time gets used up dumping all the emails and unsubscribing.
One more thing, tricky email subject lines get you banned. I might be tricked into opening the email, but I will never, ever open another one, no matter how important it is. Fool me once, etc…
If your subject line starts with “Re:” you are banned, period, no matter what. If it says, “Getting back to you” you are banned.
You have to be THE most progressive candidate EVER to make up for those things.