Members of the Press

Members of the Press,

It’s time to think about what happens to YOU if Bush is still in office next year. One-party, right-wing governments have a very bad track record for how they deal with members of the press. If you have any doubts about this, look up what happened to Bill Stewart in Nicaragua. There are so many other examples, but I always refer back to this one because I remember seeing him shot on-camera. (I can’t find the actual footage online — let me know if you locate a source.)

THIS right-wing crowd has a very, very bad track record in their dealings with the press. Sure, they have made more than a few of you very rich, but that opportunity lasts only so long as you play entirely by their rules and at their command. For all the rest it is threats and intimidation, mockery, lies, hate campaigns — you get the e-mails and letters, you know what I’m talking about — and mass propaganda directed against you.

Listen to Rush Limbaugh for a few days and then tell me how safe and secure you feel in your jobs. They are telling their followers not to trust you or even listen to you or read what you write. What do you think they have in store for you when they have absolute control? Or do you think they do not intend to have absolute control? Read Grover Norquist on the subject of the future of multi-party democracy. (Yes, in fact, he DOES speak for all of the Right.) Read George Will just today.

Honestly, you all remind me of my local newspaper, which carries the Mallard Fillmore comic strip — a right-wing propaganda outlet that tells its readers not to trust, or even read, the very newspapers that carry it.

Why you gotta be like that?

There might still be time to get out there and REPORT what is happening. To INFORM your readers/listeners/viewers. To EXPOSE corruption in high places. You might be thinking that this is a choice between doing your job in the short term and the best interests of your own career in the long term. Cozying up to power and all that… But face it – and ten minutes of Limbaugh will confirm it – if the Right continues in power your careers are toast anyway.