Medicare-For-All Not Allowed In Senate Hearing On Health Care

The senate is discussing options on health care – but Medicare-For-All (“single-payer”), the choice of 60% of Americans was not allowed to participate. It was shut out of the hearing. It is off the table, not allowed in the discussion.
This is flat-out and obviously the result of bribery from the big insurance companies. These companies are paying to keep public options out of the discussion, because they are made wealthy by harvesting the public. We, the People need to step in and do something about this.
Make your voice heard. Call your own House members and Senators and DEMAND that Medicare-For-All be “on the table” in the discussions leading up to the health care legislation! Call them, and call them, and call them. DEMAND that Medicare-For-All be part of the discussion!
Watch the Ed Schultz Show segment on this:

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I grabbed this video from Insurance Companies at the Table, Single Payer Not