Media Just Shut Up Please

I keep hearing on the TV that “people on the left” are upset with Obama for putting former Clinton admin people (experienced people) into positions in his administration. Of course not one of them ever names names of those “people on the left.” I haven’t heard ANYONE say that. That is just stupid.
Shut up! Go divide the Republicans and leave the rest of us alone. Go criticize some CEOs or something. Sheesh!

2 thoughts on “Media Just Shut Up Please

  1. Welcome to the Democratic Party! They turned on Carter and Clinton as soon as they were elected and they are already starting to turn on Obama. It’s a shameful thing to do, but the Democrats hate winners and will do anything to avoid victory.

  2. Oh come on, if Obama was appointing only newbies the press would be complaining about the lack of experience on his team. They have to have something to talk about after all. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

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