McCain’s Preacher Problem

See for yourself — John McCain has a preacher problem of his own. They show a scary video clip of Barack Obama’s preacher over and over and over and over and over again but you won’t see THESE videos on the corporate media.

Talking about Catholics:

I was talking to someone today who says he can’t vote for Obama because of “the people he chooses to associate with” like Rev. Wright.
Imagine of these were played over and over…

3 thoughts on “McCain’s Preacher Problem

  1. Dave, I am REALLY getting tired of this asinine obsession that so-called progressives have with McCain’s “relationship” with Hagee. THERE IS NO COMPARISON BETWEEN MCCAIN/HAGEE AND OBAMA/WRIGHT. NONE.
    Obama ATTENDED Wright’s church for 20 freakin’ years. Obama’s marriage was OFFICIATED by Wright. Obama’s children were BAPTIZED by Wright. Obama CALLED Wright his “spiritual advisor” and “mentor” and, in the “great race speech” of 3/18, AVOWED that he could “NO MORE DISOWN” Wright than he could the Black community or his own white grandmother. Yet, he seems to have found a way of “disowning” Wright just last week. Want to explain when Obama came to the realization of just what kind of man Wright was that he could “no more disown” Wright in mid-March, yet less than 7 weeks later thoroughly denounce not JUST the man’s words but the man himself?
    I’m under absolutely NO blinders about McCain’s purely political relationship with Hagee (and I’m certainly not unaware of Hagee’s disgusting comments) but this constant whining by the “progressive” community is getting really pathetic. When you (and the other Obamaphiles) find EVIDENCE that McCain’s relationship with Hagee is as longstanding and as personal as the Obama relationship with Wright, THEN you people have a frickin’ leg to stand on. Otherwise, you’ve got nothing. (And, don’t forget how “conveniently” Obama was willing to sign another anti-gay minister–a Black one–last September for that little “tour” and then was “surprised” at McClurkin’s stance.)

  2. Oh, by the by, the “corporate media” angle is mighty convenient NOW. Where was all this “concern” over the “corporate media” when EVERY MISERABLE MEMBER of the “corporate media” was falling all over themselves trying to kiss Obama’s ass? Olbermann, Matthews, hell, let’s just shorthand it and say MSNBC. Drudge posts something “nasty” about Obama, claims it came from the Clinton camp, and the “progressive” community falls for it, hook, line and sinker. (Yes, yes, Drudge isn’t technically “corporate media” but how much of what he posts on the web winds up IN the “corporate media”?)
    Hillary has not seen one percent of the prObama attitude from the media. If she loses a contest as expected, it’s touted as a “major loss” that should “prove” she “needs to quit”; if she wins a contest that was expected to go to Obama or doesn’t score some double-digit win as expected, then she “hasn’t delivered”. Right now, we’ve got ThinkProgress bitching about how FoxNews isn’t disclosing Rove’s connection to the McCain campaign, yet no one seems as interested in forcing the disclosure of certain high-profile Obama supporters when THEY appear (Donna Brazile, for instance; Brazile, in fact, recently weasel-worded her way out of declaring her outright support of Obama yet she cannot, for some reason, offer a single word of encouragement to Hillary without doing so very grudgingly).
    The “corporate media” have done the SAME lousy miserable job vetting Obama that they did with the Shrub’s build-up to war with Iraq. Yet, “progressives” were thrilled by the all the prObama coverage by the “corporate media” without noting the absolute irony. BushCo wasn’t grilled enough on the Iraq issue, “progressives” cried to the heavens at the way the media were abandoning journalism. Now that there’s some unfavorable coverage coming out about Obama, “progressives” are once again crying to the heavens that the media ARE doing their jobs.

  3. It’s too bad the news media neglected to allow voters to know about the rants of Rev. Wright a year ago. Since it’s illegal, any church should lose its non-profit tax status when they allow preaching that promotes or denigrates a political candidate.
    Sen. McCain’s positions on various issues aren’t being discussed or challenged as Sen. Clinton’s have been, even though her gas tax cut made much more sense than his. Some of the accusations made about her should raise questions by the news media as to their validity and source.
    The Democratic National Committee’s rules should include forbidding the superdelegates from revealing who they support until time for them to vote, especially in light of the fact that a lot of money has apparently been donated to some of them and the most by Sen. Obama.

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