McCain Uses Anti-Soviet Rhetoric To Boost The Fear

Speaking to the VFW today, John McCain reverted to using rhetoric from the 1950’s, talking about “the free world”. He apparently wants to launch a new “Cold War” which was very, very good for the military contracting industry.
McCain Remarks at the VFW Convention,

. . . We have seen such things before, as in the Balkans and in earlier periods of European history, and now we must ensure that events in Georgia do not unfold into a tragedy of greater scale. When young democracies are threatened or attacked, and innocent civilians are targeted, they should be able to count on the free world for support and solidarity.
If I am elected president, they will have that support. And in cooperation with our friends and allies in Europe, we will make it clear to Russia’s rulers that acts of violence and intimidation come at a heavy cost.

The FREE WORLD? Man, I haven’t heard that one in a long time, except the other day when Bush used it. The corporate right sure is good at sticking to their talking points.