McCain The Victim

Did you notice how skillfully they made McCain the victim? McCain runs nasty racist ads, Obama says one thing about it, and they pounce with the prepared line about Obama “playing the race card.”
Saying a black man is “playing the race card” is, of course, racist, but who’s counting? Those yuppity negroes just everything handed to them.

One thought on “McCain The Victim

  1. Give us a break. I’ve been called a racist, a woman hater and an idiot by obamabots, like many others. obama could have put an end to this trashtalk, but refused to do so, enabling this talk until today. obama deserves all he gets, he is dishonest and all the horror you’re experiencing lays directly at his feet. It is just another example of whatever drives obama, and is a very good reason that he not be considered for the presidency. Get off the whining.

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