McCain Says ACLU Sides With Terrorists

I was watching the morning news as I got ready to head over the the Clinton Global Initiative today. Senator John McCain was on, saying that “the ACLU doesn’t want us to question terrorists.”

2 thoughts on “McCain Says ACLU Sides With Terrorists

  1. President Bush’s war on terror is more effective against American political opponents in support of his corporate partners and financiers than it is in stopping terrorist attacks. Defeating terrorism was never the goal. The goal is perpetual rule and the defeat of its American challengers.
    Osama, Al Qaeda, 9/11, Iraq, Katrina, are all useful tools in this scheme that by every objective measure, has failed to protect the American People.
    On issues of human dignity so vital to the moral basis of our efforts around the world and in the name of all Americans, Bush publicly advocates for torture removing all doubts about the connection between America and Abu Ghraib.
    Bush spends more time on election politics, digging into the records of innocent Americans, breaking American law, and violating our rights, and the Constitution, than he does in all the wars he has started.
    Bush uses election politics to justify detaining people based on suspicion, without charge, contact with their families, legal representation, even the right to know their charges and for that they are routinely tortured.
    Apparently using the same tactics as the terrorists causes no unease and are the standards President Bush invites the rest of the world to adopt; thereby turning America into that for which so many Americans have fought and died to oppose.
    Instead of filling the void and proudly proclaiming American principles and values, the Democratic Party chose to follow the Republicans lead. Watch out! The Democrats, invisible on a signature world issue, will be crushed again, by policies that betray America, and a bill they will vote for and Bush originally opposed. How is this possible?

  2. What, like you *didn’t* know McCain was running for the GOP presidential nomination? Of *course* he smeared the ACLU. The only question is what’s held him up for so long.

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