Maybe, Just Maybe

Matt Stoller has picked up on something very interesting. Go read MyDD :: Rove Throwing in the Towel?

Greg Sargent is noticing a weird phenomenon – Karl Rove spinning a loss to the press as resulting from a failure of candidates to effectively execute on his strategy.

Associates say Rove is privately frustrated that individual candidates have not been more aggressive in drawing contrasts with Democrats on national security.

Perhaps this explains why the President, who is under Rove’s direct control, is sounding more and ore shrill when he is out campaiging, saying things like, in effect, that voting for Democrats is the same as voting for terrorists…
I am starting to think that Democrats just MIGHT take a majority in the House. Maybe. Just maybe.

3 thoughts on “Maybe, Just Maybe

  1. I don’t doubt that Rove is up to his usual tricks and manipulation in states like Ohio, for instance. With his ability to throw elections the way he wants them to go, who needs candidates that follow his orders?

  2. this is the FIRST sign I have seen that suggests that in fact the voice of the voters WILL be heard and enought votes counted t see the GOP cast aside at least in the House.

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