Maybe It Will Sink In

Wow. This from Brad DeLong:

Kevin Drum is extremely unhappy about the Iraqi WMD situation. It seems to me that there are three possibilities:

1. We suffered a truly massive intelligence failure: Iraq had next to no WMD around.

2. Donald Rumsfeld’s Pentagon failed to realize what its mission was, and Iraq’s WMD are now in the hands of guys who (unlike Saddam Hussein)cannot be deterred–guys who don’t like to live in palaces, and don’t hope to die in bed–and we are in much bigger trouble than before.

3. President Bush deliberately lied to the Congress about Saddam Hussein in order to get a resolution authorizing the attack on Iraq.

It seems to me that the grownups in the Republican Party need to find out–and find out quickly–which of these three possibilities is correct. If (1) is correct, they need to tell us so and need to fix the “intelligence community” and fix it now. If (2) is correct, they need to tell us so and need to fix the NSC and the Pentagon, and fix it now. If (3) is correct, they need to tell us that George W. Bush needs to be impeached and needs to be impeached now.

These are the options, and this might just sink in with the public at some point. 1) They were completely criminally incompetent. 2) They were worse than incompetent and let terrorists get ALL of those weapons of mass destruction to use against us in the future. 3) They lied in order to get support to invade another country. Let me know if you see any other possibilities here.

Update – My mother came up with a valid fourth possibility – mental imbalance. Hypothesis: Bush is mentally imbalanced and paranoid, so even with no evidence of a threat they concluded there was a threat anyway. I say not likely that all the relevant people in the administration and military could be mentally imbalanced in the same way, but logically it is a valid fourth possibility.