Matt Stoller On The Connecticut Debate

Matt is a great writer — you’ll enjoy reading this. The Blog | Matt Stoller: Debate Train to Crazy Town | The Huffington Post,

And now we come to Alan Schlesinger. Ironically, if you were in Connecticut over the past two months, you wouldn’t have known there was a Democratic wave in the rest of the country. That’s how stagnant the race had become. Fortunately, Alan Schlesinger just shattered the status quo here and injected a sense of fun, making this race what it’s needed to be for awhile, a friggin’ carnival. Lamont stayed still for a month or two, and as Foley got caught molesting boys and the Republicans got caught being Republicans, no one really noticed the groundwork being laid against Lieberman by an increasingly angry and passionate Alan Schlesinger. He was watching, and waiting, and practicing, and now it turns out he’s very, very good. Republicans and conservative unaffiliated voters are now torn between their heads and their hearts, because Schlesinger really delivered, once again.

My observation – that the Republicans are backing Lieberman shows how ideologically corrupt and cynical their movement has become. They have someone running who actually IS a good conservative, makes the case well, and could win, but the Repubican leadership won’t support him. They support Lieberman because t them it’s entirely about getting and keeping POWER for themselves, rather than delivering anything to their constituents.