MasterCard Clowns

If I wasn’t in a foul enough mood today because of y cold, I’m also trying to get taxes ready. So I go online to get my statements for my Citibank MasterCard, and they only go back 5 months. I called, and they said they just don’t – that’s all. They can mail older statements to me, but it will take two weeks.
These people hounded me to get me to stop having paper statements mailed. So OK, finally I did that. I opted for online-only statements. And now here it is tax-time AND YOU CAN’T SEE YOUR STATEMENTS FOR THE YEAR! What kind of clowns am I dealing with here?
Warning – do not opt for online-only statements. It’s about THEM, not you.

5 thoughts on “MasterCard Clowns

  1. Had same battle last year. Finally opted (not happy) for $65 option where I use a #’d system on my checks that allows them to sort for tax purposes. End of year they send me that final Dec statement with everything presorted. Advil helps too.

  2. Is your name Biden? Then why did you think they were your friends? Years ago, I tried to change the payment date so it coincided with my house payment. ‘Oh no,’ I was told, ‘that’s never done for no reason, ever!’ I mulled that over for a couple of weeks and closed the account.

  3. Thanks for that tip, Dave! I was actually considering opting for online statements only but won’t now ..

  4. Er, did you read the fine print? I have and usually they state that explicitly, which is why I have it mailed; plus my Dad was in Finance and always emphasized having paper documents.
    But, even if it only goes back 5 months you should have been preparing.
    It is not about them, it is about your laziness…

  5. It’s always about THEM, isn’t it? I’ve had the same fun times with banks here. There’s now a law that they don’t have to return your checks if they send you a photocopy of the front of the check. My landlord immediately claimed that my rent check had been stolen and someone else had cashed it. Luckily, the bank hadn’t destroyed the check yet and I could prove that they’d been the ones who cashed it. Then I went to war with the bank and, law or no law, I get my checks back or else.

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