Mass Unemployment As Conservative Policy – To Keep Wages Down

In England under Margaret Thatcher:

The policy was to create mass unemployment IN ORDER to reduce the strength of the working class IN ORDER to bring wages down and profits up — so that the few at the top benefit.

1 thought on “Mass Unemployment As Conservative Policy – To Keep Wages Down

  1. Consider the role of welfare “reform”/workfare in the US. Under welfare “reform,” recipients are required to work. They are “placed” into workfare “assignments,” at min. wage or less. US businesses have been proved eager to use workfare labor, dramatically reducing their labor costs. Where did you think all the workfare jobs came from? Following mass layoffs, family-supporting jobs are broken down into super-cheap workfare assignments. The number of people locked into workfare labor continues to grow. Corporate profits continue to soar as America spirals down into poverty. We wanted to “get tough” on the powerless, and we got what we asked for.

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