Mark Morford on The Millenium Ecosystem Assessment

In his usual immitable fashion, Mark Morford lets it all hang out in his commentary on the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment. I commented about this a few days ago, but Mark Morford says it the way I wish I could… here’s how his latest column starts out:

The Earth is going down. Way, way down. To the mat, hard and painful and with a sad moaning broken-boned crunch.

We are chewing her up, spitting her out, stomping and gobbling and burning and gouging and drilling and sucking her dry and we are carelessly replicating ourselves so goddamn fast we can’t even stop much less even try to slow the hell down, and all we want is more and faster and with less consequence and pretty soon the Earth is gonna go, well, there you are, I’m finished, sorry, and boom zing groan, done.

Don’t take my world for it. Just read the headlines, the latest major, soul-stabbing report.

Read the whole thing here.

He’s also hip to James Howard Kunstler’s item in Rolling Stone, The Long Emergency, calling it “one of the most distressing and sobering pieces of journalism I’ve read in ages” (no kidding).
If you’re not familiar with Mark Morford, you owe it to yourself to get on his update list. The man’s columns are passionate rage and ecstasy incarnate. He writes like most of us only wish we could.
Here’s another excerpt:

Maybe the nutball evangelical born-agains have it right: Maybe it’s best to just burn up this whole godforsaken lump of Earth as fast as possible and then watch in giddy flesh-rended glee as Armageddon rains down and only those who’ve given tens of thousands of dollars to secretly gay televangelists will rise up and be saved and the rest of us will merely drive our Priuses off a collective cliff into the fiery pits of gay-marriage-friendly hell.

All I can do is shake my head in amazement. As the Metro Times Detroit says:

Morford writes like a man possessed by demented angels. His twice-weekly column routinely features jaw-dropping, unflinchingly liberal prose so biting and sweet and innovative it amazes us that a mainstream daily would keep this guy on the payroll.

Me too. Maybe there is hope.