Maria Leavey Award for Unsung Progressive Heroes

Campaign for America’s Future is announcing a Maria Leavey award and is asking for nominations.

Who was Maria Leavey? Maria was an organizer with extraordinary skills and heart. A behind-the-scenes force who connected rising young talent with Washington leaders. A selfless advocate who often worked without credit, or even compensation.
Working out of her small apartment with an outdated computer, Maria was a tireless and path-breaking promoter of the bloggers, radio personalities, and journalists who’ve broadcast our progressive message to the world.
Sadly, after years of selfless service to our progressive movement, Maria passed away on December 31, 2006, at the all too young age of 52.

So they have started an award in honor of Maria Leavey.

To celebrate Maria’s life and work and to honor those who follow in her footsteps, the Campaign for America’s Future has created the annual Maria Leavey Tribute Award. Please take a moment to learn more about the award and nominate an unsung progressive hero that you know.
Nominations are due by May 6, 2007. A panel of Maria’s family, friends and colleagues will select award finalists by mid-May, and everyone interested will be invited to vote to select the award winner.

Submit your nominations here

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